Saturday, November 29, 2008

Idea : reducing traffic offenders in Bangalore

People breaking red lights or going in opposite directions in one-ways is higher in Bangalore these days & our city also seem to take top spot as "worse" traffic managed in Asia now... can we build some products to help our traffic department manage it better / efficiently?

One of the idea that came to me was... build a small camera gun that is wireless enabled & can take picture on pointed vehicles, upload the date / time & photo of the offender to the central server, one such device given to all traffic constables... could help catch the people red-hand while breaking the rules.

Idea... requires a combination of physical device & software, I'm ready to conceptualize further, if anybody else interested to team up!

Share your thoughts on this...


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Thursday, November 13, 2008

How to step on the Accelerator of New Product Development?

I found this very interesting research article that provides tips on how new product development can be done with time to market in mind... following aspects has been researched in this article:
  • Experience of the developers
  • Physical proximity of the team members
  • Dedication of the team members
  • Role of Senior Management
Read the full research article @ Wharton site



Monday, November 10, 2008

Is new product innovation recession proof?

Probably most written topic, after hearing so much of negative / bad news on paper in recent few weeks... its my turn to put this on the blog.

No, it is not - recession is going to hit the innovation to certain extent, the probability of raising big money for extensive research & development will be tough in this companies would have to manage with frugal funding on engineering & research, hard to think innovative - on limited budget, will be forced to cut corners or make quick decisions.

Who will success in such recession market?
People / companies who build in-house or partnerships for research based on long term innovation strategy, obviously people would have to work at less / no pay for months to build the product & hope to succeed when market bounces back, then comes the pay day!

Good luck in sailing through tough times.



What is lacking in G1 phone by T-Mobile?

One of my colleague recently got the G1 Phone in India, much anticipated first Android phone in the market, in my opinion it lacks following as compare to iPhone:

1. Overall packing of the phone - physical look & feel, UI look & feel - it seem to enter in as just another phone & only special from technical perspective that it's the first phone using Android OS

2. Lacks features that are unique to the phone, like iPhone's resizing by 2 fingers etc

3. Mixed branding - phone seem to have too many company name on it, HTC, T-Mobile & Google, this would be sending confusing message to the users

4. iPhone ends up having upper hand for better packing & putting the product features in front / over the back-end technology.

I would keep iPhone above G1, not because I own one...