Friday, November 27, 2009

Is it lack of law & enforcement?

Can the HUGE difference between developed & developing countries - be attributed to lack of law & enforcement? (apart from the other aspects of economy, population etc) - let’s take couple of examples find the differences & analyze if these could be solved with better law enforcement:

Town Planning -
  • Developed countries have a great town planning - that would ensure there is no compromise on width of the road, number of house in a street, standard dimension of plot / house
  • Isn't this a case of proper law & ENFORCEMENT (is more important than law) - as even in developed countries we establish some form of law / rules & regulations around town planning - but they are brutally abused because of lack of enforcement (more in detail later)

Traffic Control / Management -
  • Same as above - developed countries have much more organized movement of traffic, adherence to rules - if broken would mean serious consequences
  • Developing countries - have some laws, but the enforcement is poor or even the authorities break them (don’t set by example)
Enforcement - why are the developing countries weak in implementing the law to the word?
I could think of following reasons - some of them are because of financial constraints, but some are easy to avoid
  • Respect by law safe guards towards the law / rules & regulation is low - either they are not educated well enough about the law or they are aware & ignore it
  • Authorities have too many other things to handle - tend to compromise on the law enforcement
  • Lack of second level of review or check on enforcement authorities - should there be a second level of check on the enforcement authorities to make sure they are not being lenient on the law enforcement
  • Lack of funds to enforce - you need sufficient funds to enforce the law & they are short in many cases, could this be solved if government considers the cost of enforcement as part of an initiative, so sufficient funds are allocated?
Wish, we have younger generation specialize in government / constitution law & enforcements to help make it stronger & reduce the mediocrity in law & enforcements.


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