Monday, November 10, 2008

What is lacking in G1 phone by T-Mobile?

One of my colleague recently got the G1 Phone in India, much anticipated first Android phone in the market, in my opinion it lacks following as compare to iPhone:

1. Overall packing of the phone - physical look & feel, UI look & feel - it seem to enter in as just another phone & only special from technical perspective that it's the first phone using Android OS

2. Lacks features that are unique to the phone, like iPhone's resizing by 2 fingers etc

3. Mixed branding - phone seem to have too many company name on it, HTC, T-Mobile & Google, this would be sending confusing message to the users

4. iPhone ends up having upper hand for better packing & putting the product features in front / over the back-end technology.

I would keep iPhone above G1, not because I own one...




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