Sunday, January 24, 2010

Branding Reliance in retail space

I have recently seen Reliance opening 2 of their stores in same building - next to each other, Reliance Digital Express & Reliance Fresh!

I know there are several companies (Ex: Sony) using single brand or name for multiple vertical / sectors & been successful, but this attempt (or you can say arrogance) by Reliance seem too difficult to accept, a not so purist brand observer like me...

Let's take a contrary example of Future Group, they own several brands in apparel, durables vertical (BigBazzar, eZone, HomeTown) & each one of them have been branded separately and have seem expressing WOW, when they are told that they all belong to a single parent company.

Approach taken by Reliance, tend to set higher expectation (if delivered by 1 of their retail unit) across multiple verticals of Reliance - that would put pressure for similar quality performance (irrespective of the margins from that vertical) but with approach taken by Future Group - they have the luxury of adjusting the frills, performance, quality of each vertical based on the margins they make.

Can we wait to see... Reliance withdrawing from these non-core business of theirs - some day!


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Blogger Rohit said...

Hi Bhaskara,

This is not related to your blog post, so apologies in Advance.

I actually am facing the same problem with facebook API that you have mentioned here

just wanted to check if you figured out the solution?


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