Thursday, May 26, 2011

great place to work!

What does it take to build a great company / place for each & every individual you would hire?

I think, above question is on every lead / manager / exec of the company -- is there a simple answer : No

Few things that I would like to share -
  • Walk-the-talk -- do it yourself, to show / set the example of how you want the organization has to be
  • Listen to people -- have the say from each person in the company
  • Measure people, for they have been brought on-board for -- keep the expectations set with the person, clear at time of hire & use it for subsequent reviews
  • Integrate people / teams -- break silos in the organization & ensure.. people go along together
  • 360 degree -- attempt for having an open 360 degree feedback to every person on the company, it would help people get perspective from others
Do leave your comments... if you have suggestions / feedback.


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