Sunday, January 24, 2010

Branding Reliance in retail space

I have recently seen Reliance opening 2 of their stores in same building - next to each other, Reliance Digital Express & Reliance Fresh!

I know there are several companies (Ex: Sony) using single brand or name for multiple vertical / sectors & been successful, but this attempt (or you can say arrogance) by Reliance seem too difficult to accept, a not so purist brand observer like me...

Let's take a contrary example of Future Group, they own several brands in apparel, durables vertical (BigBazzar, eZone, HomeTown) & each one of them have been branded separately and have seem expressing WOW, when they are told that they all belong to a single parent company.

Approach taken by Reliance, tend to set higher expectation (if delivered by 1 of their retail unit) across multiple verticals of Reliance - that would put pressure for similar quality performance (irrespective of the margins from that vertical) but with approach taken by Future Group - they have the luxury of adjusting the frills, performance, quality of each vertical based on the margins they make.

Can we wait to see... Reliance withdrawing from these non-core business of theirs - some day!


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Sunday, January 03, 2010

teething problems...

Every new product, profession or thing we start doing... would have teething problem? - is it because we are so used to working with old products or routine that make us think, there is something wrong with this new one?

What are the means to reduce this teething problem?
Try to have a trial or walk through of the product or service - by an experienced person or best thing, get a trial for few days.. so you can have both old & new for a while, before you jump into using the new product or service.