Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Banks & Khaayal Aap Ka?

Generally speaking, if a customer gets a good experience after visiting a service oriented shop / establishment - then there is a high probability it's a owner run shop, but in today's world of organized retail / chain of stores… you will mostly run into employees of the company & their attitude to offer a good service… seem to be less - is it because, it's hard to measure by their employers & employee care least about it?

In such scenario - ICICI Bank in India has taken a brave step to project as if their employees care, a whole lot more about their customers at the bank - is this too ambitious for becoming successful? It might look like, but it's a great move at setting higher standards in public eye & pushing / motivating their employees to reach the new high

My personal experience of visiting ICICI Bank… thrice over past 2 weeks, has been below par experience of my interactions with the bank associate at the counter. I wish them good luck to reaching up to levels projected in their "Khaayal Aap Ka" Advertisement campaigns.

Well educated & service industry employee needs to put smile & courteous approach towards their work, irrespective of the first impressions of reading the customer who walks in at the counter & their mood at the given moment.


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Blogger ICICI Bank Care said...

Dear Bhaskara,

We are the customer service team of ICICI Bank. We strive to ensure customer satisfaction all across our branches as well as on our internet and phone banking facilities. We want to make sure our customers are comfortable with the interactions they have with our bank around the clock. Our bank strives to conduct all the transactions as smoothly as possible and any dissatisfaction is taken into account and immediately resolved. We thank you for your valuable feedback. We hope to provide the best of banking services to all our customers.

ICICI Bank Customer Service Team.

6:19 AM  

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