Monday, October 11, 2010

GoogleTV for emerging markets...

GoogleTV can be good for emerging markets (to India, for sure) - as number of households with DTH Set-top boxes are higher than Broadband subscriber base & the power of delivering internet (both text & video content) will be a great way to make people become net literate... I know the GoogleTV, may not be aimed at personal consumption of internet on TV & more targeted for family / group viewing, but it could well be the way to market in India.

Now, is there at an alternate way to make the solution available... for India - as the GoogleTV enabled Set-top boxes might be at least 4 - 5 yrs away from being affordable to Indian consumers.

I think yes, using streaming internet as video technology by the DTH Companies... could it be considered as one of the VAS in STB to open any website page & browse the content?

Challenges... adoption of MHP Standards in STB & percentage of compliance is key!

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