Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Banks & Khaayal Aap Ka?

Generally speaking, if a customer gets a good experience after visiting a service oriented shop / establishment - then there is a high probability it's a owner run shop, but in today's world of organized retail / chain of stores… you will mostly run into employees of the company & their attitude to offer a good service… seem to be less - is it because, it's hard to measure by their employers & employee care least about it?

In such scenario - ICICI Bank in India has taken a brave step to project as if their employees care, a whole lot more about their customers at the bank - is this too ambitious for becoming successful? It might look like, but it's a great move at setting higher standards in public eye & pushing / motivating their employees to reach the new high

My personal experience of visiting ICICI Bank… thrice over past 2 weeks, has been below par experience of my interactions with the bank associate at the counter. I wish them good luck to reaching up to levels projected in their "Khaayal Aap Ka" Advertisement campaigns.

Well educated & service industry employee needs to put smile & courteous approach towards their work, irrespective of the first impressions of reading the customer who walks in at the counter & their mood at the given moment.


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