Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Are you Google Oriented Programmer?

I wanted to keep the title as 'Are you GOD?"... then decided to keep it verbose

Who is a Google Oriented Developer?

Developer coding a Ruby controller method for getting the user details from a back-end API, starts to think through.. how it should be coded & puts in something like this..

get :user_details


When he tries to access it, gets weird errors & is puzzled what is wrong?... then immediately goes to 'Google' & searching "padrino get method"... looks up the first suggested example & codes it correctly...

get :user_details do


Is there a problem in looking for tech answers in Google?

  • It's not a problem.. when you look for solving a previously unsolved issue
  • But it's waste of time, when you look for simple / obvious things in Google... like abov
  • It's a problem because you loose the train of thoughts on the coding / project & could get distracted

Alternate theory on using Google for any tech questions

  • You don't have to remember things that can be found on Google!
  • I get the solution quicker, than struggling to debug myself

Middle ground / my point of view

Now comes the tough part, to share my personal point of view on this subject..
  • Basic language syntax should be learnt / kept in long term memory by the developer
  • Reserve the Google search for things that are not standard / basic part of coding to do
  • Do get back to code / project, after the required code example is found

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