Thursday, January 29, 2009

Idea : Creating commercial free radio channel...

Are you music lover & hate commercials on the radio channel? then... read on, have an idea to build a product to solve this!

Add-on channel on radio, that would buffer songs / music from all other channels & deliver a commercial free music, with ability to use "next", if you do not like a particular song!

What we will need?
  1. Multi-Channel Tuner component
  2. In-memory buffer to store last 10mins of music from each channel
  3. Music analyzer that can differentiate between commercial & music / song
  4. Pick next random song / music, after the current song completes

Process / Implementation
Using the multi-channel tuner component, tune into all available radio frequency music channels in the region & buffer the streaming music from each of the channel for a duration of at least 10minutes. Build a music analyzer component that can differentiate between commercials & actual song / music, this would be a core logic on the backend.

User tunes into this new commercial free channel, then we pick one of the random channels content, pass it through analyzer & skip to the beginning of the song... if a commercial break comes after this song, then we repeat the process & pick any other random channel for the song... you might have guessed by now, it would be live FM transmission played by this channel, but delayed by 5 or 10mins, which is ok... we don't really listen to LIVE music on Radio!

Next Steps?
Several next steps... to make this idea into reality... below are some of the top few, if you are interested in this - drop in your comments or send me an email!
  1. Review, if this is better to be done as complete software on backend & broadcast another commercial free channel on FM? or create a custom physical add-on that can be attached to any radio?
  2. Research about any other similar real FM mash-ups like this already?
  3. Legal angle / issues with this? would FM channels object for content being buffered & re-broadcasted? they really don't own the content... should be fine?


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Monday, January 19, 2009

Book Review : Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish...

Inspiring book - "Stay Hungry Stay Foolish", it's a book that covers the story of 25 IIMA grads who took the entrepreneurial path for building some of the big companies in India, stories are pretty inspiring & wakes up the entrepreneurial spirit in you... if it's sleeping :)

Check the book website @


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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Crunchies 2008 Winners...

Crunchies 2008 has some interesting winners for this year... like Microsoft making into the list, competition in mobile apps has been strong...

1. Best Application or Service - Google Reader -
2. Best Technology Innovation/Achievement - Windows Live Mesh -
3. Best Design - Cooliris -
4. Best Bootstrapped Startup - GitHub -
5. Best Enterprise Startup - Amazon Web Services -
6. Best International Startup - eBuddy -
7. Best Clean Tech Startup - Project Frog -
8. Best Gadget - iPhone 3G -
9. Best Mobile Startup - Evernote -
10. Best Mobile Application - imeem mobile -
11. Best New Startup of 2008 - Friendfeed -
12. Best Overall Startup - Facebook -

Read more on Crunchies site @

Few questions to think / ponder about:
1. What are the learning's to take from these startup's that have won the award? is it their business model? team? funding? - behind their success...
2. How many years will social networks dominate? Facebook is the winner for second consecutive year & FriendFeed being the new startup
3. Is Google Android giving any serious competition to iPhone? will they be able to get the required adoption by mobile manufacturers?
4. Can Windows 7 introduce any new products for startup category next year?
5. Looks like India based startup's did not even make into final nominees, are we being innovative enough?


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