Tuesday, May 20, 2008

iPhone - creating client app kind of UI for safari browser (web)

On my exploration to build client application for iPhone, I started looking into the internal API's of iPhone SDK, at least seem to be lot more learning on Objective-C, Cocoa, iUI etc before I could make a dent into writting my first iPhone client application... but found a short cut / alternative approach for building iPhone client application look & feel on safari - WebApp.net, I would like to use this post to provide some quick tips on using WebApp.net.

WebApp.net / WAn - is simple collection of CSS, JS elements that help create iPhone client kind of look & feel application on the safari browser:
  • Simple & easy steps to create your app looking like a iPhone app on the safari
  • Use of div & CSS to make the HTML elements similar to iPhone client app controls - like textbox, radio option, list etc
  • Use a single HTML or page - for all the sub-pages of the web application, so that it loads fast & does not have any delay in loading subsequent pages
  • Sample works well on Firefox browser for testing on desktop before testing on iPhone

That's it - for now on iPhone exploration, hope to write more frequent on iPhone application building ASAP.


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