Thursday, May 08, 2008

iPhone SDK vs Android

This is a short post, talking about initial set of differences that I have observed so far, I will probably present this in a matrix format in my subsequent post - but here is a quick one:

Language - Objective-C vs Java
iPhone SDK requires you to be a pro on Objective-C language, the custom language Mac OSX developers are traditionally used to, as against Java based language for Android - this difference may lead an abundance of users available for Android programming as again lesser percentage of people for iPhone SDK

Device - to play with vs only emulators
iPhone developers have the advantage of creating the app, running it on their iPhone for testing it & playing around with the app as against Android programmers will have to wait for a while before the 1st handset with Android is released

Compilers - Apple vs Multiple
Apple will be the sole compiler for iPhone SDK, which may avoid any confusions around versions or flavors of the SDK, hope Android also remains like that & not become like C Compilers that got created back in C days & developer had to worry about compiler internals for his programs

Dev Environment - Mac vs Anything
iPhone SDK is only available for Mac & not for windows or Linux, this in my knowledge is a strategy used by Apple to increase Mac penetration into enterprise domains, forcing CIO's to purchase Mac's for development purposes. Android as against iPhone SDK is java based & can be built on any platforms


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