Saturday, May 10, 2008

Being Entrepreneur @ Employed Job?

Do you have to start your own enterprise to be an "Entrepreneur"? Answer is a NO - being & displaying the entrepreneur is all abut the attitude, which can very well be demonstrated even being on an employed job... do you think it would be any good - if everyone of us started an enterprise, then who would be your customers or employees?

Few attitudes in my opinion that are important to demonstrate your entrepreneur skills on your employed job are:

Ownership & Accountability - Important attitude for an entrepreneur, is to demonstrate the ownership & accountability, if you start a new enterprise you will be owner for everything - but when you are employed - you need to ensure that you take complete ownership for the functions or projects that you head, in other words you be the CEO for your group. You do not have to start a new enterprise to become a CEO, you are the one - for the group that you head... just go beyond the basic day-to-day duties & assume the role of a CEO

Lead without Title - Interesting concept that I read in Robin Sharma's "The Greatness Guide" - basically it means, you do not have or need to have a title to take actions or lead or make decisions - as long as the acts or decisions are within company policy limits & you are making an impact on the end customer. Ex: you have a customer requesting for something urgently to be done - go ahead & make a decision to put the required resource & get it done, if you are unable to get the required approval from your boss in-time, what is important that you touched a customer, made him happy & meet his expectations.

Execution & Completion - Important aspect to any assignment or job that you own, need to ensure that you are providing more than 200% to the job, perfecting on your execution everytime, ensure that items taken-up see the end of the tunnel & do not get killed or dropped in-between. Very powerful & essential aspect, to learn before you eventually start a new enterprise - so take your working job as a ground to horn or build your skills

Making an impact to end customer - touching the customer & creating value to end customer is important, "customer is boss" (interesting chapter on this in Don's - Wal-Mart Way) - you should demonstrate your entrepreneurial skills by ensuring that you think "how" & "what" act of yours will keep the customer satisfied & go in that direction - do not take the route of... "I have finished what customer initially asked for" - I don't care if that does not help him anymore.

Awareness of impact on your acts on company performance -
above all... in any acts or actions that you take, it is very important that you are operating within the limits of boundaries that company has established, ensure the required targets or margins are maintained in any actions that you take, there is no value - if you keep a customer satisfied at the cost of affecting company revenues for a long time

Master the above list... then you are good to head on to start your enterprise, while on a working job, use the time & resources available to make maximum use of the same!


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Blogger abhi said...

This was an interesting thought; I completely agree.

Gary Vaynerchuk echoes a similar sentiment -

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