Monday, May 12, 2008

Innovation - transformations in new age?

I will write a detailed book review in later post, but this is only quick summary of new book from "CK Prahalad" - "the new age of innovation"... amazing book that is backed with 3+ yrs of research by CK Prahalad, his books are a treat to read & flow of the book is excellent... I finished 30% of the book in one read tonight, will be finishing it in one or 2 more sittings.

Book is about 2 new concepts "N = 1" & "R = G" - a new theory for competition & innovation that companies should perform in the new age:

N=1 - concentrate on 1 customer at a time & look at how services or offering can be customized to meet each customer need, co-create the value with each customer

R=G - Companies will have to face the resources being global & build the process, operations to handle these global resources

It is a must read book, get your copy today! for more on this book visit -



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