Monday, April 14, 2008

RIA - what are the side effects, that are usually ignored?

In an attempt to make the interface rich, different, colorful & cool from UI perspective - usually following issues are faced by RIA products:
  • Initially loading time of the product is too high, that tends to drive away the potential users from using the product
  • Memory footprint of the application increases over a period of time as end users are on the product, this tends to make the application heavy & less responsive
  • In an attempt to build the web interface that consumes a generic web service or API response data XML, that is built to return global or data more that what is needed... this heavy weight returned data tends to slow down the UI
  • Lack of eye for detail by developers tends to make compromise on the look & feel or style guides of the product - this should be avoided & the scope for deviation from original guidelines
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