Saturday, April 05, 2008

Creating entrepreneurs at college!

I recently bought this book "Billions of Entrepreneurs - India & China" by Tarun Khanna (may be I would not have bought - If I had seen the size of the book), still not read completly... not sure what I'm posting here has been mentioned in the book or not, but this idea of creating entrepreneurs at college level & nurturing them to be innovative & build companies... has been in my thoughts for sometime, never executed on it.

Why start at college?
Penetration of IT & ITES jobs in India has become so much that students who would not have still finished their studies would have 1 or more jobs in hand, I think this trend of early job offers for students in college could be curtailing the innovation that could have been created by some of the brightest minds

What can we do?
Build a network of colleges & collect the top 50 students from each of the college - these 50 students from each college (say even if we manage 5 best colleges) could form a group of 200 or 250 smart kids... these bright kids from across colleges could be trained on innovation / self thinking, we could ignite a thought in them for one day in becoming an entrpreneur?

Isn't above idea something good & physical than simply duplicating posts in our blog? :)

Interested, contact me... we will form the network & build this next generation "entrepreneur kids"!




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