Sunday, May 10, 2009

Next is what? for DVR, TiVo or PVR (as called in India)

I love the Personal Video Recorder (PVR) from TataSky+, television viewing experience has changed & hardly watch any movie or programs with commercials... PVR them & watch it later, still waiting for an unlimited storage or external harddisk facility. But... apart from more storage, what could be next in this space?
  • PVR a favorite program, share it with other friends or families - digitally connect different PVR's & ability to browse the recorded programs & play back?
  • Watch a favorite program together with friends? - Invite other members, whom you think would like to watch the program, invite them to see with you - watch together, even if you are miles away?
  • Create your own video & share to your grandmother or relative far away? - extend the same recorded sharing experience to sharing user created videos, to far away relatives, friends... broadcast those cherished memories of your family with your loved ones!
As Samsung say's it... "Next is what?"


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