Thursday, April 16, 2009

Now, this is called "after sales support"...

I ride an electric bike "Yo Speed" from Electrotherm ( for the past 11 months, I have been happy with the purchase decision & love the bike... doing my bit to save the environment. First week of April, I got a call from the dealer saying... "sir, we have a free service & could you leave your vehicle for service" - I thought it was a routine free service they give within the first year, but was surprised with the free service that was done to my bike... they had replaced some of the vehicle parts with new one...

  • front fork
  • front wheel rim
  • brake pads
  • stand for the bike

these parts are at least worth INR 2000.00 or above, for a bike that I purchased for INR 36K, this is a pretty good "after sales" to upgrade the old bikes with new parts... really impressed with this company. We have several other companies in India that don't even come to 10% of this level of "after sales" service... which is a sad story, companies need to understand a "happy customer" means they have a higher NPR score! and higher chances of free advertising by the users of the product.


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Blogger Ankush Samant said...

He he :D This one is the best!
Going green! :D
Well no research has yet been done for electris vehicles. But I will quote another fact:
Prius from Toyota which was supposed to be a Green Vehicle was found out to be consuming more carbon than other vehicles! Hence more polluting in the current terminology.
So it is a real tricky part to say who is going green :D

10:23 PM  
Blogger bhas4 said...

Interesting to hear this quote about Prius, I had not heard about it..


6:59 AM  

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