Thursday, April 16, 2009

Idea : Recycling Plastic Bag

Thinking green in the week of "World Earth Day"

We all use plastic bags - from grocery, apparel, utility store etc... but very few of us recycle them in India. Only way a plastic bag is probably recycled now is through some separation of plastic bags that are thrown into the waste & % of this recycle is very low.

Here is an idea to improve this situation in India, at least to start with metro regions...
  • Make recycle quality plastic bags, that can be branded to the retails needs (Spencer, Foodworld etc)
  • Print a text on the bag, if the user "returns" these cover back into a designated collection points - he would get around INR 25p or 50p (depending on value of recycling)
  • Put up collection points, that would have "recycle bins" at the retail outlets or tie-up with city corporation & setup at Post Offices or government buildings
  • We will need smart machines that can accept "clean" - recycle quality covers, count them & dispense money back for the user
this seems a noble way of giving something back to the environment... looking forward for people in this domain of plastic bags, recycle experts to validate this & take it forward.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thinking green should be 24/7.we should think about how to reduce,reuse & recycle.
1.carrying and reusing our own bags which is made up of cloth or any biodegradable material.
2.tie up with BCC or any new recycle management company,which can collect the recyclable material bags or tins,cans,boxes etc.(as they are already collecting the trash from houses, at least in B'lore they are doing)
3.we need companies which can manufacture recyclable plastic goods which is of grade no.5 or more.
4.stop using the plastic cups,plates and spoons. you said,giving back 25p per bag is also a great many ladies are doin with nandini milk covers.
6.instead of waiting for govt. to do the work,we should start first at home.saying NO to plastic bags.
7.educating students at schools.teaching them not to use plastic bags and tell them why.why there is an urgency to protect our earth??
8.companies producing plastic related materials or products should take responsibility to take back the empty containers and send them to recycling.the way the products reach to the retail store,same way it will go back.
if you return the empty container,you will get 50paise(or whatever the price) off for the new product.
9.when the whole community starts thinking about reduce,reuse and recycle,definitely we can achieve the positive results.
awareness is required.

-Renuka Mahesh

4:49 AM  
Blogger Ankush Samant said...

Bhaskar I did a research on the same: recycled plastic bags. Well the scene is not as good as it seems to you.
Do you know that:
--India is one the world's largest platic recycler!
--Recycled Plastic is not safe for food products.
--There are already many plastic collection centers in India.
--Every plastic bag that we discard in the waste bin is collected by hundreds of garbage colectors around India and sold to a plastic recycler.
--Recycling of platic is a harmful excersie if not don correctty. The fumes from the burning plastic cause health problems for the workers who genrally have compulsion to recycle plastic!
--There are already many products that can be made of recycled plastic: lumberwood, pipes, water tanks, even waterproof roads etc etc.

But the major problem is not what it seems. It is that the plastic granuels cost is reducing so recycled platic whihc was very cheap till now, hence used, is no more a viable option for all these!
So picture is not as rosy as it seems :)

10:20 PM  

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